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Building a Brighter Future with Sustainability at our Core

At Russell Dean Furniture, we consciously consider the effects made on the environment and that’s why we are constantly evolving our entire production processes to have as little detrimental effects on the environment as possible. As a leading furniture retailer, we have a duty to reduce our carbon footprint and drive positive change.

Textek - Specialist Recycling

We have partnered with one of the UK’s most advanced bulk waste processing facility, Tektex who are revolutionising bulky waste and mattress recycling.

Why Textek

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The Problem

Every year more than 8 million mattresses are disposed of in the UK – that’s 167,000 tonnes currently destined to sit on landfill. Due to their bulky and heavy nature, mattresses along with certain items of furniture are much harder to recycle. It is a very labour intensive job to dismantle and separate the many complex components of furniture and mattresses, and that’s why more than 480 million mattresses will be heading for landfill.

The Solution

Tektex have developed a workable solution for this problem using innovative technology and advanced methods to make this process much easier. The bespoke waste shredding line solution enables the successful separation of the flock from the steel, ensuring 100% mattress can be recycled or recovered. This eliminates the manual work required when stripping bulky waste by hand. The Textek shredding line is capable of dismantling a mattress in under 30 seconds.

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The Outcome

The steel from within the mattress or bulky waste is separated for recycling or recovery, while the remaining elements are blended to create a high calorific value Solid Recovered Fuel (Textek SRF), which is then distributed to create greener energy.

Examples of materials for recovery and recycling



Used within the UK and is melted down and turned into many different items from kettles to planes.



This is broken down and reused as animal bedding and fillers.

Mixed Textiles

Mixed Textiles

This is used as a replacement to traditional fossil fuels as a source to power your home.

Waste management

We take recycling very seriously and strive to maximise resources whilst minimising waste with the use of our dedicated in-house recycling systems. All warehouse production teams sort through all waste including packaging, wrapping, and other materials used within the production process to be able to re-used or recycled.

Sofa packaging

Our own packaging is 100% recyclable and when we deliver a sofa or chair, we take care to remove the packaging from the customers' home so we can take it away and recycle it for them. We are constantly working alongside our suppliers to try remove materials that will be difficult to recycle or damaging to the environment.

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The Power of Solar

By generating renewable energy with our recently installed solar panel roof tops, we can be sure we are reducing our carbon footprint and energy demands from fossil fuels and thus, reducing environmental pollution.

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The New 'MaxiMover' – Driven by Efficiency

We have recently invested in one of the UK’s leading Low Floor Luton Van manufacturers, MaxiMover, who use the latest lightweight vehicle technology to maximise efficiency whilst reducing their carbon footprint. Their Promax lightweight chassis technology and efficient driving dynamics reduce the overall emissions of day to day delivery driving and that’s why we have invested heavily in purchasing these delivery vehicles.

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It's surely our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on Earth.
Sir David Attenborough
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